When an unforeseen turn of events leaves Olivia Gabriel at a crossroads, she opts for adventure over security. She joins a fellowship for women in film, working as the location manager of the newly popular TV show, Murder in Morristown. As she begins to find her place (and herself) in the chaos, the unthinkable happens — murder. Will she let her internal desire to find the truth derail her dreams, or will she be the next victim?

Meet the Author

Jen Welsh

Jen loves stories that leave readers thinking about the purpose of life, the resilience of people, and the courage it takes to make the world a better place. A lifelong learner and lover of education, she taught middle school English Language Arts and led a state-wide teacher preparation program at a nonprofit. Jen holds a BA in English from Dickinson College and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Education. She lives in Arkansas with her partner, Rachel, and a clowder of neighborhood cats.

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