Goals are dreams in action

Work with Jen as a life coach

Clarify your dreams, create action plans, take forward action, and get support and accountability as you achieve your goals.

About Life Coaching

Hiring a life coach is a decision to partner with someone who will come alongside you and support you to achieve your goals.

When you work with a life coach, you’ll have a chance to clarify what you really want, create plans to move forward, and overcome obstacles.  

Jen’s coaching philosophy is that through intentional self-awareness, values clarification and strategic action, people can make meaningful progress toward their dreams.

Jen believes that goals are dreams in action, which means when you work with her, you’ll have time to consider what you really want for your life.  You’ll get a chance to go through a goal-setting process, create your own definition of happiness and success, and self-reflect on all the things.

Jen takes a “planning with the future in mind” approach while also supporting you to navigate life circumstances as they arise (because we know they always do!).

There are many types of coaches and coach training programs out there. Jen is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. You can view her credential here. As a certified coach through the ICF, she follows their ethical guidelines and general approach to coaching. 

If you are a person who is striving to balance (or looking for harmony between) work and life, if you are hoping to reconnect with your vision for a good life, if you want to partner with someone who will truly care about your success and well-being, connect with Jen.


Jen is incredibly impactful because she knows how to guide a conversation by asking the perfect question at just the right time, she is able to sift through my blabber of thoughts and help pinpoint my key points and feelings when I am unable to. She is gentle, understanding and incredibly intentional about making sure I am working towards meeting the goals that I set for myself during our first session.